Story in a nutshell

Set in the 1950s, this hybrid novella centres on an indigenous Rainforest boy adopted by townsfolk who enters a world of hunters and protectors. He encounters wild animals that are able to project their troubles and tribulations in his mind. In the denouement featuring a fight to the death, the triumphant hero who has become a protector closes the book even as the door is open to future adventures.

As a morality fable/animal fantasy novella, it raises the issue of how humans should interact with their fellow creatures since we share a common world, an interlinked history.

Cast of characters: 

Main characters: Twas T’day, indigenous boy of the Rainforest and Sirene, adopted daughter of the Game Warden.

Minor characters:  Grand Old Hunter; Saudara Hock and his Jeepney style wagon; Ronnie, the Game Warden’s son; Ali Gambut, Twas’ sidekick.

Animals: Moosie the fragrant civet cat; Mac the black face gibbon; Fred the flying squirrel; Kra the macaque; Efwigo the fat white goat; Chief Sheila Bear, Zig, Zag and Zeus the honey bears; Balthasar the sea eagle.



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